Expand your Telegram messenger functionality

The number of Telegram users around the world is growing rapidly as it is really convenient application with many functions. However, sometimes inconveniences may occur that our service wwpager.com helps to eliminate.

Now, thanks to wwpager.com, anyone can send you a message in Telegram, even if the one does not have an account in this messenger

It happens that a person does not have a device with Telegram installed at hand, or he/she cannot log into account and use it for some reason. Nevertheless, wwpager.com still makes it possible to send a message if the recipient has published his/her identifier (ID) received through our bot.

How it works?

Just contact our @WWPagerBot bot in Telegram and get your ID

You can publish your ID on your social network pages, and on other web-resources available to you, as well as send it to your friends and colleagues.

Further, anyone who knows your ID, can visit WWPager, specify your identifier, and enter a message – and you will instantly receive this message in Telegram.

WWPager service is extremely simple and easy to use, but if you still have some questions, feel free to contact our support telegram chat .... and yes, this service is absolutely free))